Ce trebuie sa stie arhivistu’

O sistematizare interesanta, dintr-o carte scrisa de Margaret Crockett, Fără prostii, despre arhive și arhivistică. Un ghid.

,,What do we need to know?

In order to manage records and archives we need to have knowledge and   skills in the following areas:

  • palaeography: the skill of being able to read historical handwriting;
  • languages: archaic languages such as Latin or Middle High Germain or other languages in which the records are written..
  • computer skills: these are invaluable in managing records and archives to support the creation and use of finding aids, access, preservation management and control through the lifecycle; more advanced technical skills are required to manage electronic records
  • preservation management: the physical protection of records and archives in all media and formats, including disaster prevention and recovery, security handling and use policy and guidelines, environmental and storage standards and cleaning and conservation considerations
  • appraisal: deciding which records to keep permanently in the archive and when to destroy non-archival records
  • collecting policy: high-level decisions about what archives to take in
  • acquisition and accessioning: deposit agreements between record owners and archival custodians; clear documentation on the point of receipt
  • archival processing, arrangement and description: documenting records and archives in order to manage them and make them accessible to others
  • access provision: use of archives by researchers, outreach activities to raise awareness about the holdings
  • recordkeeping systems: understanding how recordkeeping systems work, the relationship between activities and records; creating and maintaining paper and digital filing systems; organizing and managing records effectively; setting destruction deadlines
  • advocacy and marketing: justification and awareness-raising to ensure archives and records management is resourced, adopted and embedded and archives are funded, protected and used.


The Archives and Records Association has recently published a Competency Framework (…) which classifies the 36 competencies considered necessary for managing records and archives into ten functions within three areas, as follows:


  • governance and planning
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • personal development


  • processing/managing current or semi-current records in all media and formats
  • processing/managing archival records in all media and formats
  • preserving records and archives in all media and formats
  • conserving archives


  • understanding users and stakeholders
  • delivering a service to users
  • engaging users.”


Corespundem si noi, nu?:)

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