Sincroni cu lumea larga (lol)

Iata o invitatie la un congres la Melbourne, despre Computational Archival Science – digital records in the age of big data. [un soi de Arhivistica si calculatorul. Arhive digitale in era Datelor Mari].  

Arhivistica româneasca ar trebui sa participe cu popularizarea propriilor preocupări în domeniu. Iată temele mari de discuție:

  • Application of analytics to archival material, including text-mining, data-mining, sentiment analysis, network analysis.[Aplicatii ale instrumentelor de analiza la materialul arhivistic, incluzand extragerea de cunosinte din text si din date, analiza sentimentelor, analiza de retea]
  • Analytics in support of archival processing, including appraisal, arrangement and description.[Instrumente de analiza in sprijinul prelucrarii arhivistice, inclusiv evaluare, ordonare si descriere]
  • Scalable services for archives, including identification, preservation, metadata generation, integrity checking, normalization, reconciliation, linked data, entity extraction, anonymization and reduction. [Servicii scalabile pentru arhive, incluzand identificarea, pastrarea, generarea metadatelor, verificarea de integritate, normalizarea, reconcilierea, date legate, extragere de entitati, anonimizare si reducerea]
  • New forms of archives, including Web, social media, audiovisual archives, and blockchain. [Noi forme de arhive, inclusiv Web, media sociale, arhive audiovizuale si blockchain/baze de date tip ‘lant de blocuri’]
  • Cyber-infrastructures for archive-based research and for development and hosting of collections [Infrastructura cibernetica pentru cercetari bazate pe arhive si dezvoltarea si gazduirea colectiilor]
  • Big data and archival theory and practice [Datele Mari si teoria si practica arhivistica]
  • Digital curation and preservation [Ingrijirea si pastrarea digitala]
  • Crowdsourcing and archives [Arhivele si externalizarea in masa]
  • Big data and the construction of memory and identity [Datele Mari si constructia memoriei si a identitatii]
  • Specific big data technologies (e.g. NoSQL databases) and their applications [Tehnologii specifice Datelor Mari, (d. ex. baze de date NoSQL) si aplicatiile lor]
  • Corpora and reference collections of big archival data [Colectii complete si colectii de referinta ale Datelor Mari de arhiva istorica]
  • Linked data and archives [Datele legate si arhivele]
  • Big data and provenance [Datele mari si provenienta]
  • Constructing big data research objects from archives [construirea obiectelor de cercetare din date mari aflate in arhivele istorice].



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