slaves of time…

Un foarte interesant articol, care se inscrie in linia – as zice – deconstructivismului, a descoperirii conditionarilor culturale pe care le avem.

Tot ce inseamna si organizare arhivistica merge pe o gandire conditionata de spatiul cultural in care au trait Intemeietorii. Ce e cu adevarat provocator acum este ce punem in loc…

the funny side of Information Governance

Here is that Wikipedia says, on the top:

“IG encompasses more than traditional records management. It incorporates privacy attributes, electronic discovery requirements, storage optimization, and metadata management… As data generation exploded in recent decades, and regulations and compliance issues increased, traditional records management failed to keep pace”.

And a little bit further:


Oh, CRAP!!! All these are electronic records management specifications! So, who didn’t keep the pace??