MI-am finalizat articolul pentru Trieste anul acesta. Il voi posta integral dupa ce va fi publicat (sper…:)

Tema articolului este despre administrarea arhivelor electonice in Romania. A fost si pentru mine o explorare in buna masura – nu ma asteptam sa fie atatea prevederi si practici. Din pacate, peste tot, in igoranta (indolenta?!) Arhivelor Nationale. Mi-e tot mai trist de clar ca ANR nu este o institutie capabila sa isi indeplineasca rolul de arhivatoare a arhivei institutiilor publice din Romania. Nu stiu ce rapoarte despre activitate minunate om fi avand, dar e clar ca de cel putin 20 de ani nu isi indeplineste atributiile (mai mult morale decat legale) in ceea ce priveste arhiva electronica.

Articolul meu se incheie asa:

In my opinion, one major responsibility resided on the National Archives. As regulator over the field of records and archives in Romania, the institution should have acted as a steering role in dealing with e-records management. Lack of vision, lack of professional training, and severe lack of budget made that, for almost 30 years, the role of National Archives be almost irrelevant in the regulation landscape. I hope that the new Archival Act, under development now, might raise for the National Archives the obligation of getting involved in this process. However, the National Archives need to convince the law makers, contrary to different lobbyists from IT area, that its contribution is important and relevant for public interest. Even approved, this part will require new trained staff and new resources for proper systems of long term preservation and this will take time anyway. It seems that this will be too late for the electronic records of the 1990s, so it will be another decade lost in the history of Romanian electronic records.