records system (nu e sistem de inregistrari!!!)

Records Systems: Records systems constitute a special type of information system. This was first clearly articulated by David Bearman (in “Record-Keeping Systems”, Archivaria 36, Autumn 1993, pp.16-37).

Information systems are normally designed to keep information that is

  • timely
  • non-redundant
  • manipulable.

To act as records systems, they need to contain information that is:

  • time-bound
  • redundant
  • non-manipulable.

Managing records as evidence of social and organisational activity involves incorporating them into records systems that can:

  • carry them forward with their ‘fixed’ content
  • re-present their structure or documentary form
  • maintain sufficient contextual links to preserve their meaning through   time.

Records systems ensure that transactions (records contents) are always linked to the contextual and structural information (metadata) which makes them records, and that records can continue to be rendered (re-presented) over time.


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