Why All Organizations Need to Manage and Archive Social Media

Un studiu interesant si inca un domeniu ce va fi complet ignorat la noi 🙂

Un extras:

• 24% of organizations have had malware infiltrations through Facebook, 7% through Twitter, and 7% through LinkedIn.

• 13% had experienced the leakage of sensitive or confidential information through Facebook, 9% through Twitter and 10% through LinkedIn.

• 73% to 79% of organizations do not archive their users’ content posted to these “Big Three” social media properties.

• 13% of organizations have terminated an employee because of something they posted on a social media site.

Desigur, cifrele sunt de la americani; asta nu inseamna deloc ca, ale noastre firme private nu vor incepe sa vanda lucruri citand cifrele astea ca si cum ar fi pe Romania – sa mai stam cativa ani, sa dospeasca…

Ideea e ca studiul prezinta o realitate viitoare de la noi.

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