cred ca regreta…


Cea mai haioasa chestie nu mi se pare nici ca avem cel mai vechi papirus din Europa (n-or fi avand aia de la British Museum nici unul?? hm..), nici chiar ca rusii ni l-au dat inapoi.

Cea mai tare cred ca e faptul ca ai nostri l-au pus intr-un.. seif!!! Ce conditii de pastrare, ce temperatura, ce umiditate, ce ventilare! In seif, dom’le! Sa nu-l fure nimeni! Ce daca prinde ceva mucegai, important e ca il avem.

Cred ca specialistii rusi, care or fi avut grija de el ca de ochii din cap, regreta ca l-au dat inapoi…

UPDATE: Stai, ca s-a prins primarul si vor face conditii…


One thought on “cred ca regreta…

  1. It is a matter of national proud, I suppose. What is the subject of such document?. Maybe it is something dangerous, like a spell to cast vampires, which would justify the measures of access restriction. I wondered if inside the safe would be also a second storage unit, a coffin, creating the “Russian doll storage method” 🙂

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