Do not try this at home… — UPDATE

Update: Hello, again!

Happily, I did it! I used to work with old OCR, Recognita. And, as I remembered, in order to save both the OCR-ed text and the image, I saved in its native format, *.rcd.  The software is still somewhere in the holes of the Internet, and I managed to install it, and to read my files. So,  as soon as I can, the migration process will start!

Thanks, GOD!


Hello, World!!

Here I come in the universe of e-archiving stupid victims!

Some files I have, dating back to 2003, are not readable anymore! I am talking about *.rcd and *. mtp files. The funny part is that I do not know what program I used to create them and the ever actual Internet do not offer me any information.  I suspect to be a sort of OCR sofware, but who knows…

So, important information–well preserved–but not usable anymore. Yeah, I know: technological obsolence, I teach about this every year.


PS: here are  5 zipped files of that type. Any help will be highly appreciated!

7 thoughts on “Do not try this at home… — UPDATE

    • I used a software to scan for internal metadata. mtp is indeed made by Translator pro, but rcd is none of the above. I assume it was a sort of OCR software (maybe old version of Fine reader), but.. I stil have to check. And there are awfully many of them. It will be my migrating project this summer :)))

    • I was searching through PRONOM – nothing. I have tried also with DRIOD – the same. The reason I have saved must have been to keep many scanned pictures together (possbile, with the recognized text), so wht DROID shows – a compund document-might be true.

  1. A thought: Consider providing a definitely non-sensitive example of rcd-file for the community to experiment with it.

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