noi standarde pe RM

Sunt in dezbatere 2 noi standarde cu implicati in RM (ISO 30300 si 30301). Deja au iesit urlete, asa ca astazi a fost postat un mesaj, pe care il reproduc mai jos.

Textul standardelor disponibil aici (faceti cont si aveti acces).

Dear Colleagues

Regarding the postings to the US RM list of 10 June ( <;L=RECMGMT-L&amp;T=0&amp;F=&amp;S=&amp;P=37493> )
and 17 June (
<;L=RECMGMT-L&amp;T=0&amp;F=&amp;S=&amp;P=9646> ) about the new International Records Management Standards – ISO 30300 and 30301.

While we thank Larry Medina for alerting listservers to the release of these draft standards, we would like to clarify some issues raised in the posting, and refer readers to the existing explanation paper and FAQ’s for ISO DIS 30300 and 30301 covering their relationship to ISO 15489 and related standards.  Both are freely available at:

1) These standards do not replace ISO 15489, they are doing different things, as we explain below. These are a set of standards directed at Management, and position records management at the management systems level (a particular type of standard), which will strategically align recordkeeping with quality management, security management, environmental management etc. As such, the community of professionals involved in the development of the new standards are excited about the possibilities that this opens up for us professionally.

2) The international standard is not in 2 parts – they are 2 separate standards (ISO DIS 30300 & ISO DIS 30301) in a series of 5 proposed international standards which will collectively form a coherent Management System for Records (MSR), including certification and auditing components (yet to come).

3) The people involved in the development of these documents have spent considerable time explaining what they are:
a)   Internationally we have been discussing and working on this project since May 2007.  In this time over 18 participating countries have been involved in extensive work on developing, commenting and critiquing documents that have been presented. The recently released texts are the results of this consultation process. We assume that the official representatives of participating countries are keeping their own communities informed.
b)   These particular documents have now reached the ‘DIS’ or Draft International Standard phase.  Before reaching this phase, each participating country has been asked to formally comment on drafts of these documents at least three times.
c)    A paper was distributed to participating countries with the previous Committee Drafts explaining the vision and approach of the new ISO MSR 30300 series and its relationship with ISO 15489 and related standards.
d)   A 6 page Frequently Asked Questions paper was also distributed with the recent DIS’s covering a range of topics to assist people in reviewing the drafts and understanding their relationship to other ISO records management standards

These latter two documents are freely available on:
and we urge you to read them as background information.

4) Language is always an issue when dealing with formalising professional practice, and especially across cultures.  This standards process is no exception. In addition to dealing with our own professional language we have needed to comply with the requirements of management system standards – a particular breed of standards.  So, inevitably, there has been extensive discussion and debate internationally on the language.  However, we have been scrupulous in addressing this, with a robust and documented methodology to ensure that all cultural and technical concerns have been identified and addressed.  Professor Xiaomi An, known to many in the records community, has taken the lead on ensuring rigour in managing terms and definitions in conformity with relevant ISO standards.

5) Because we are working within a prescribed framework – that of the ISO Management System Standards – we have to conform to some standard text.  It has been agreed that strategically this is important for our community, and we have worked hard to ensure that the text preserves the integrity of our professional understanding while meeting the ISO management system requirements.

6. As a final note, some countries have held conferences, forums and other events to explain and promote the MSR standards, aimed at top management who are focussed on what is needed to deliver products and services to customers and stakeholders. ISO TC46/SC11 is developing a global program to continue this marketing and information exchange – to be implemented across a range of countries, forums and media simultaneously. We encourage you to use the expertise and knowledge of your SC11 representatives in this way.


Judith Ellis
Convenor – Working Group 8

[e-mail transmis pe JISClistserv, UK].

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