archival slogans (actualizare)

Colegii americani discuta zilele astea despre sloganuri arhivistice. Iata cateva:

Archivists do it acid free
Archivists Make it Last Longer
Hands off my Parchment
Archivist: Approach with Cake
Let me through, I’m an archivist
Archives are forever.
Where there’s iron gall there’s a will?
Don’t diss with my mss?
Don’t mess with my mss?
Respect The Fonds
Foul deeds will rise
We are fond(s) of archives
Archivists do it old-style!!
Archives – it’s not all sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll–Isn’t it? Damn!!
I am an archiVIST/and I am an anarCHIST
I am an archiVIST/and I am an conservaTIST
I(not)SAD(G)  or  IHAPPY(G)
Archivists do it at 16-19°C
Archivists: Past Caring
Hysterically? sorry Historically
Archives Forever
Respect the fonds for the win
Preserving Our Past, Protecting Our Future
May the source be with you!
My Lost future found in Present Archives
Missing Peril found in Present Archives
I thought i was lost but i found in Archives
Archives: For when the Dewey Just isn’t enough
Archives: Keep CALM
It’s not what you know. It’s where it’s stored
Archives! So you can look back on this and laugh!
Archives! Like a Library that knows all your secrets!
Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.
Those who fail to correctly archive historical documents, are doomed to spend forever searching for them.

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Old archivists never die, they just get deaccessioned (or defiled!)