ISAD(G) si aplicare la noi. Partea 1.

International archival standards have been welcomed by many professionals as a solution for synchronizing and unification of divert parochial practices; although, in other countries their evolvement has not been felt as an absolute utility, so the attitude has been more reluctant. In some countries, the national archival service immediately adopted ISAD(G), as a long-expected solution. On the other hand, one may say even that the countries with a well-established archival system, with archival standardized practices at the national scale, felt these standards as a new task; they are in the situation of checking—at least—in what measure their own standards are compatible with ICA’s. This is the case for Romania, where the release of ICA’s standards generates a very little interest among professionals. Although there are full versions in Romanian for all four ICA’s standards, the debates are only at an academic level, mainly among young archivists. Unfortunately, these debates do not approach the substance and the essential implications of this phenomenon, but they are limited to find out and exemplify the standards’ provisions.

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